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Air pump
1.Novelty appearance, special design of jetting equipment, soluble with high oxygen. 2.Low noise, generous air capacity. 3.Internal LED. 4.Suitable and reliable for working under safety voltage.

Upper filter
unique design. water-pumping, water-circulation and water filtering 3 in 1. compact structure

External Filter canister
this appliance is our most recent designed external canister filter. it is has the feature of ...

Water chiller
super-refrigeration can decrease the water temperature from 35℃ to 18℃ rapidly. ...

With filtration device for air intake. Multipurp-ose of air purification and humidification. Safe and reliable by super low voltage supply. Shutoff protection when water shortage. Red lighting warning. Knob adjusting spraying and on/off switch for operation. Attractive and durable by engineering plastic housing. Night -Light design.

Multi-function centrifugal pump
with world-leading technology, this article is researched...
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