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Our view on talents: Talents are our most valuable capital.

It’s talents that make an enterprise competitive and full of vigor and freshness. Anyone who is capable enough is talent. Among all the factors, human resource is the most important for an enterprise. Therefore, we build up good environment, stage and institution in order to find and actively attract and bring in more talents.

We closely connect the individual development with our company’s development, persisting in the business philosophy that “People oriented, accord development and working for a win-win situation”. Our working atmosphere is tense, ordered, harmonious and full of challenges.

Our view on selection of personnel: Entrust important jobs to persons who are capable enough; never employ anyone who is good at nothing.

Technology makes a living, while familiarity makes a development. We require that people who want to join in the BOYU team should be of good personality and professional ethics, be faithful to the company, also of high responsibility to the job, of sincerity and team spirit. Besides, they should be hardworking and creative, always keep on trying, then to make a broader space of development for both individual and the company.

We provide our staff with fair competitive institution. We do not just focus on the process, but also focus on the result. What we put a premium on is always the result of hard work. We respect our employees’ reasonable benefit requirement. For a talent, capacity is one thing, outstanding achievement is more important. Our standard for the talents is whether they can get outstanding achievement or not. Thus, we build up an institution integrated with encouragement, achievement and capacity, so as to reward or promote the employees who have contribution to the company. BOYU is a learning and go-ahead company, who persist in the principle that “proper selection of personnel, teaching the personnel and encourage the personnel”. We train the staff, have them keep on self-promotion, and we bring the staff’s individual blueprint of career into our company’s developing trajectory.

Our wish: To fulfill the dreams together!

If you have dreams and target, and you want to fulfill your dreams by your hard work and contribution, we would like to invite you to join in the BOYU team, to become one of the proud BOYU member, to embody yourselves’ value, and to have our dreams come true together!
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